Consumer Authorization Form

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Consumer Authorization/Initiation for Procurement of Consumer Investigative Report

This is inform you that by signing this authorization you have initiated a consumer Investigative Report based on information provided by you and submitted to Adams Property Management. By signing below you authorize FasTrak Investigative Services, Inc. to provide a Consumer Investigative Report to Adams Property Management. All statements made on the application submitted will be verified.

I/we (the undersigned) authorize FasTrak Investigative Services, Inc to make inquires to any credit reporting mediums concerning my credit history. I/we (the undersigned) further authorize FasTrak Investigative Services, Inc. to conduct a consumer investigation with regard to rental history, employment history, conduct of character, bank information, criminal conviction, evictions and any other statements provided on the application submitted to Adams Property Management. I/we (the undersigned) acknowledge I/we have been informed of my rights as a consumer.

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