Applicant Guidelines

Adams Property Management has established the following guidelines for approval of ALL rental applicants applying to our company for the leasing of rental units.

  1. All adults who will be living at the premises will fill out an application.  All Rental Applicants are required to provide Picture Identification or Passport and SS Card or Military ID.
  1. All Rental Applicants are required to pay a $40.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Application Processing Fee.  This Application Processing Fee of $40.00 NON-REFUNDABLE will be in the form of cash or money order (not a personal check).  Applications are not processed unless the $40.00 NON-REFUNDABLE fee is paid.  ADAMS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT does not rent to anyone until their applications have been processed and approved.
  1. Applications are processed on a First Come/First Serve basis.  It is our policy to offer the rental unit to the First person whose Application Qualifies through our tenant screening process.
  1. After you have been approved, you will need to pay a Holding Fee with in 24 hoursIt will need to be cash or money order (not a personal check).  The holding will be equal to the deposit and will become your security deposit when you move in.  This holding is nonrefundable if you back out and fail to move in.  The holding will be refunded if the said property becomes uninhabitable (fire, flood, etc.)

In order for prospective tenants to qualify to rent from ADAMS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT a tenant screening is obtained through FasTrak Investigative Services, Inc., Priest River, ID 83856, phone:  1-888-505-6596.  SIX VITAL PIECES OF INFORMATION ARE INCLUDED IN THE TENANT SCREENING.

  1. A credit report.
  2. Bank account verification.
  3. A search of court files for any landlord/tenant problems.
  4. A criminal record search.
  5. Interviews with the applicant’s last two landlords.
  6. Confirmation of the applicant’s current employment.

ADAMS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT will not grant approval to prospective tenants whose Tenant Screening Report contains the following.

  1.  A CREDIT REPORT with: two or more unpaid collections, bankruptcy filed within the last two years, any accounts with four or more 30-day past due payments.
  1. Bank Account cannot be verified.
  1. Court Files indicating Landlord/Tenant problems such as: evictions, unlawful detainer, criminal activity in rental unit, etc.
  1. Unfavorable Reports from prior Landlords:  constantly late with rent, vacated with unpaid rent owing, rental unit left dirty or with substantial damages, will not re-rent to, etc.
  1. Other information obtained through the tenant screening report may also be a factor in not granting approval to prospective tenant(s), this is at the discretion of ADAMS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.  All reasons for denial of tenancy can be discussed with Fastrak Investigative Services upon denied tenants  request.

All requests for or problems with Tenant Screening Reports are to be directed to:

FasTrak Investigative Services, Inc.,

PO Box 1583

Priest River, ID 83856